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European Main Battle Tank: Momentum for Interoperability

Written by Gonzalo Miguel Vidal Santoro
Edited by Alex Marchan
Supervised by Cansu Macit Karaduman

The land forces operations paradigm demands a series of cornerstones to be effective on the ground. In that context, a crucial feature is the tank, a weapon that has proven to be fundamental in the ground force realm since its creation (Coen, Hunchak, & Walsh, 2011). The future of Europe is to operate in collaborative frameworks (Barry, et al., 2023) thus, creating a tank collaborative framework is essential. However, the reality shows that there are problems in pursuing this objective. 

The present situation in Europe regarding tank capability is challenging, with a decrease in inventory from 2014 to 2023 (Barry, et al., 2023, p. 22), and the transfer of tanks to Ukraine due to the war (Brody, 2023). Hence, the need for renewal has created the opportunity for innovation but “… only a few European countries can produce modern MBTs based on their individual financial and industrial resources” (Coen, Hunchak, & Walsh, 2011). Due to the high cost, cooperative projects should be the aim for Europe.