Lessons of Operation Barkhane for Future European Engagement in the Sahel

On August 15, 2022, the last French soldiers involved in Operation Barkhane left Malian territory. The operation began nearly a decade earlier and had the primary objective of fighting against terrorist groups in the region (Burgess, 2018, p. 5). The situation in Mali, however, appears worse now than before. Jihadist violence continues to escalate, anti-Western sentiment runs rampant, and Russian Wagner mercenaries have established a firm footing in the country.


Outsourcing the Cloud: Cross-border Public-Private partnership and European Interoperability for Cloud Infrastructures

In the past decade, the cyber domain, or cyberspace, has become the most challenging and pressing issue of recent times in the area of international security. In an ultra-connected world, where information travels at an uncontrollable rate and data is becoming the new resource to be mined; it ultimately affects every aspect of modern life. From the economy to civil liberties, it has become the new focus of national security strategies and legal frameworks.


Ukraine’s ammo shortage raises tensions between Germany and Switzerland

Ukraine hunts for Ukrainian Gepards Switzerland’s long-standing condition of neutrality is globally well-known. This status has been enforced since the Treaty of Paris in 1815, but many scholars date the origins of Switzerland’s neutrality back to 1515 when 10,000 Swiss soldiers lost their lives in the 16-hour Battle of Marignano and the government afterwards decided to stay neutral in European conflicts, avoiding the risks of being on the losing side in any war (Cafiero, 2022).

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