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Western military and financial support to Ukraine

Written by: Marina Tovar

Edited by: Zoi Sofologi

Supervised by: Syuzanna Kirakosyan

After more than two years of war, Ukraine is experiencing a shortage of ammunition and military equipment, since the United States and European partner’s struggle to resupply the country’s military (Bertrand & Bo Lillis, 2024). The lack of ammunition and personnel is having direct consequences on   Ukraine’s position on the battlefield, as it deteriorates, Russia achieves new tactical successes near the village of Berdychi and Semenivka, both north of Avdiivka (Al Jazeera, 2024) a city captured by Russia in March 2024. The threat of a Ukrainian significant loss has prompted the European Union, the EU Member States, and the United States to consider sending military and financial aid packages in 2024 to respond to Ukraine’s shortages.  

The EU disbursed €6 billion in 2024 to Ukraine to support the country’s macro-financial stability through the Ukraine Facility from the expected €50 billion to be allocated between 2024-2027 (European Commission, 2024). Coupled with the approval on 22 April 2024 of the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act providing $60.84 billion for military assistance to Ukraine by the US Congress, it seeks to decrease the shortages and close the expenditure gap between Ukraine and Russia. As Ukraine approaches a critical juncture in its military campaign, the strategic deployment of this assistance from Ukraine’s allies will be critical, especially, to shift the current dynamics on the battlefield. 

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