Financing the Defence Industry – A Comparison of the Investment Climate in the European Union, United States and China

The global military expenditure rose by 3.7 per cent in real terms in 2022 to a record high of $2.24 trillion (Tian et al., 2023). The United States, China and the European Union (as the aggregated national expenditures of its member countries) make up the three largest (see first chart). Given the rising demand, governments and the defence industry are increasing their investments. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each market will be essential in determining the necessary steps forward.


The Maturation and Future of India-U.S. Defence Relations

This Info Flash provides a historical analysis of the progression of India-U.S. defence relations and its implication on the Indo-Pacific. Despite decades of apathy during the Cold War, there has been a rapid progression in India-U.S. defence cooperation amidst India’s emergence as a critical global governance actor. This is none more evident in the country’s membership and role in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), BRICS and its current G20 chairmanship (Panda, 2020). As such, one cannot overlook the saliency of India-U.S. defence relations, particularly in its implications on the Indo-Pacific region. Therefore, this Info Flash will briefly parse through the origins of India-U.S. defence relations and its dynamic progression since the post-Soviet era. This will provide the groundwork to assess the future of India-U.S. defence relations in the coming years.

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Turmoil in Kosovo

On 29 May 2023, Serb protesters clashed with troops of the NATO-led mission in Kosovo* (KFOR) after demonstrators attempted to force their way into a government building in Zvecan, located in the Serb-majority northern part of the territory (Bytyci, 2023a). The clashes resulted in approximately 30 KFOR peacekeepers suffering injuries (Bytyci, 2023a). Prior to the incident, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered, on 26 May, an urgent movement of troops to the border with Kosovo after ethnic Serbs had clashed with local police in the country (Al Jazeera, 2023).

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Strengthening Military Cooperation between Japan and the United States in Response to Regional Instability: Historical Background and Contemporary Security Dynamics

This Info Flash examines the historical background to provide a comprehensive analysis of the US-Japan military cooperation. It delves into the current security situation shaping the Asia Pacific region, serving as the driving force behind the ongoing efforts to modernize and enhance military collaboration between the two nations. Despite their complex shared histories, the United States and Japan have significantly bolstered their military cooperation. The primary catalyst behind this strengthening of defence collaboration is the mounting instability within the Asia Pacific region. Japan confronts a multitude of challenges as the increasingly assertive China, which is pursuing a more aggressive regional security policy, and the persistent threat posed by North Korea's missile and nuclear capabilities, including their missile launches targeting Japanese territory. Moreover, the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia contributes to the volatility in the region. The resulting instability underscores the paramount importance of the alliance between the U.S. and Japan, emphasizing the need to modernize their forces and project their combined influence. This is crucial for promoting stability and upholding the rule of law in an international system that is growing increasingly turbulent.

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