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A Never-Ending War… Russian Forces Target Kherson Oblast Killing 6 people in 24 Hours

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Written by Bianca Budugan

Edited by Tomas Farinha Carney

Supervised by Mariana Fagotti

On the afternoon of Monday, 8 May 2023, Russian forces once again bombed Kherson Oblast, a province in southern Ukraine, killing 6 people in the past 24 hours (Lozovenko, 2023). Additionally, an assault on the suburb of Antonivka has left a 67-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man injured and hospitalised (Lozovenko, 2023). With the woman unfortunately sustaining several shrapnel wounds to her head, chest, and abdomen, medical professionals are currently attending to her and doing their best to save her life (The Kyiv Independent, 2023). The Kherson Oblast Military Administration has reported the incident and is likely already investigating the instigators of the attack (Petrenko, 2023). Later in the same day, the village of Stanislav came under attack from the Russian military, resulting in four people getting injured (The Kyiv Independent, 2023). Finally, the village of Kizomys was also targeted with bombs, causing the destruction of two houses (Lozovenko, 2023).

Since November of last year, Russian forces have been constantly shelling parts of the Kherson Oblast that are under Ukrainian control (Petrenko, 2023). The shelling began after the Russian military was forced to withdraw troops from the strategic city of Kherson, relocating to the eastern bank of the Dnipro River (Petrenko, 2023). Russian’s attacks have been ongoing and have targeted various locations in the region (Petrenko, 2023).


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