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Greek Army Receives a new Batch of 90 M117 Guardian ASV from the US

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Written by Annalisa Guarise

On 25 July, the Hellenic Army received 90 M117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicles (TTOA-ASV) from the US. The vehicles have been sent in the framework of the American Excess Defence Articles (EDA) Program, with which the US transfers excess defence equipment to foreign governments or international organisations, thus enabling the modernisation of partner forces and strengthening the capabilities of the allies. Formally, vehicles declared EDA are no longer part of the US Army’s inventory. Greece already received an initial batch of 44 M117 ASV in 2021, and it expects to get a total of 1200 units by the end of 2022. As envisaged by the program, the Greek Army has received the vehicles at a meager cost, covering only the transportation expenses.

Thanks to their characteristics, these armoured vehicles will provide new capabilities by complementing already existing weapons systems. The M117 Guardian can provide supreme ballistic protection against several small arms and fragmentary threats. One vehicle weighs little less than 14 tons and can seat up to four military personnel with their relative combat gears. Externally, it is equipped with a turret system and V-shaped armour. The one-person turret, which can make a full 360-degree rotation and allows for an elevation up to 45°, incorporates a mounted 40mm automatic grenade launcher and a .50 calibre machine gun. The modular expandable armour is made of ceramic composite material, guaranteeing ballistic protection against 12.7mm armour-piercing ammunition for the crew, ammunition, fuel tanks, and storage areas. Moreover, this ASV disposes of a 40-millimetre MK-19 grenade launcher.


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