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EU Divided on Status of Palestine Aid Following Hamas Attack on Israel

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Written By: Gloria Bertasini and Manfred Sintorn

Edited by Alex Marchan

Supervised by Ginevra Bertamini

On October 7, Hamas launched a massive surprise attack on Israel (see Clarke, 2023). The Commission’s response so far has been a rare display of internal disunity, as Commissioner Várhelyi (2023a; 2023b) announced on October 9 that the EU would review and immediately suspend all aid to Palestine only for Commissioner Lenarčič (2023) to contradict him, saying that humanitarian aid would continue for as long as needed. Later, on October 9, the European Commission issued a statement confirming that it will not suspend aid, but that it is launching an urgent aid review (2023).

Adding to the incoherent messaging, the Commission went on to clarify that there were no foreseen payments and that they therefore are not suspended. The review and possible suspension of aid would not cover assistance provided under the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (European Commission, 2023). Making the Commission’s position even less clear, the Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell Fontelles (2023) flatly rejected any suspension of payments, naming it a counterproductive action that would hurt EU interests in the region and embolden terrorists.

The disagreement is also being mirrored among member states and in the European Council. Ireland has criticised Varhelyi’s comments and quickly questioned the legality of a single commissioner suspending aid and, along with Spain, have expressed their disagreement over the cutting of aid, with Spain calling it an outrageous betrayal of European values (Brzozowski, 2023; Diaz, 2023). The president of the European Council, Charles Michel, has also stated that neither development nor civilian aid to Palestine should be cut off (2023), joining Borrell in citing the EU’s regional interests and humanitarian concerns.

More broadly, the EU’s member states have asserted Israel’s right to self-defence and underscored that all parties must adhere to international humanitarian law. High Representative Borrell has also articulated this stance, echoing a consistent call for all parties to exercise restraint. Cracks seem to be forming in the EU’s response to Hamas’ attack and the ensuing war, as member states appear split between wanting Brussels to show greater solidarity with Israel and a focus on highlighting broader humanitarian concerns. Many member states have suspended bilateral development aid pending reviews on whether the aid supports militant actors in Palestine (Government Offices of Sweden, 2023; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, 2023). Thus far, all member states have however committed to maintaining their direct humanitarian assistance to the region.

The EU’s position remains one of promoting peace and stability in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, emphasising the need for all parties to respect international law and human rights. What that means in practice looks increasingly precarious, and member states seem to be developing different views of the ongoing conflict. As the situation continues to evolve and the Israeli response continues, further discussions will highlight what is arguably the biggest rift in the EU’s foreign policy since before Russia invaded Ukraine.

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