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Estonia Set to Boost its Defence with Twelve New Howitzers

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Written by: Jonah Brody

Estonia took another step on January 14 to bolster its defence as the nation’s Ministry of Defence announced the signing of a new €36 million contract to procure twelve K9 Thunder Self-Propelled Howitzers (Ministry of Defence Estonia, 2023). The deal, signed with the company Hanwha Defence, is a result of what Defence Minister Hanno Peukur referred to as “lessons learned from the war in Ukraine” (as cited in Estonian World, 2023). The 47-ton, 155 mm howitzers manufactured in South Korea feature a maximum firing range of 40 kilometres and can reach a top speed of 67 kilometres per hour (European Defence Review, 2022).

The Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) are set to receive the howitzers through 2026, although the country hopes to receive them sooner. According to Karmo Saar of the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment, the Baltic nation is “working toward the deliveries arriving earlier” (as cited in ERR News, 2023) than the 2026 mark. Once delivered, Estonia will begin the process of adapting them to the EDF’s network and will have a total of 36 such howitzers in its arsenal (Ministry of Defence Estonia, 2023).

This contract between Estonia and Hanwha is not a first. Twelve K9 howitzers arrived in 2020 thanks to a €46 million contract signed in June 2018 (ERR News, 2022). Business has been busy for Hanwha Defence on the European continent since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Poland signed an execution contract valued at $2.4 billion with Hanwha for the delivery of new K9s (European Security & Defence, 2022). In November, Norway exercised an option from a contract signed in 2017 to purchase 4 new K9s, and Finland authorised the purchase of 38 howitzers for €134 million (Martin, 2022; Meta-Défense, 2022). The proliferation of agreements for the versatile K9 Thunder highlights the growing European commitment to strengthen the continent’s eastern defences.


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