You are currently viewing Turkish Drone Exports: Implications for NATO Relations

Turkish Drone Exports: Implications for NATO Relations

Written by: Alice Duman

Edited by: Alex Marchan

Supervised by: Syuzanna Kirakosyan

The proliferation of Turkish drone technology on the global arms market has raised concerns within the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) regarding its potential impact on regional security and alliance cohesion. At the crux of these concerns lies Türkiye’s ‘no questions asked policy’ in drone exports, allowing for the unrestricted sale of advanced military technology without stringent checks (Borsari, 2022; International Crisis Group, 2023). Considering Türkiye’s aspirations to solidify its position as a credible drone exporter, this info flash delves into Turkish drone developments, assesses their role in contemporary conflicts, and examines the implications for Ankara’s relations with NATO countries.