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Slovakia: the CV90 Wins in Infantry Fighting Vehicle Tender

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Written by Immacolata Ciotta

Slovakia’s Defence Ministry said an agreement with Sweden would be signed to purchase 152 CV90 MkIV tracked infantry fighting vehicles equipped with 35 mm guns from BAE Hägglunds. The new vehicles will enable Slovakia to replace obsolete Soviet-made IFVs. Contextually, this purchase aims to materialise the attempt to build a heavy mechanised brigade, strengthen its defence and support local industry. However, a feasibility study published by the ministry last may, indicate that among the competitors for the IFV contract were General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Bárbara Sistemas with the ASCOD, Rheinmetall with the Lynx KF41, and Poland’s PGZ with the Borsuk.

In terms of funding, the Slovak Defence Ministry said it had allocated about 1.7 billion euros to purchase the vehicles and cover related infrastructure costs.

In conclusion, the next step will be the drafting and formalising an intergovernmental agreement between Slovakia and Sweden. The benefits of this agreement include a substantially increased guarantee for the delivery of all vehicles being procured and the opportunity to strengthen military cooperation and deepen strategic partnerships.


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