You are currently viewing Attrition in Ukraine: Where Kyiv Stands After One Year

Attrition in Ukraine: Where Kyiv Stands After One Year

Written by Octavio Bellomo

Edited by Edward James Colombo

Supervised by Miguel Andres Reyes Castro

This Info Flash presents how the Russo-Ukrainian War has devolved into a war of attrition. With material in short supply, Ukraine depends heavily on foreign contributions to maintain the war effort. Furthermore, loss in revenue from decreased production, exports, and taxes leads to massive deficits for the national government. Post-war reconstruction is also expected to be expensive, requiring significant external assistance. As a result, while continuous military and economic support from NATO, the EU, and others is essential to Ukraine, it will be important for countries to increase the necessary defence production to maintain their stockpiles and to plan for continued financial assistance for the duration of the war and following its conclusion.