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Ammunition Aid: Kosovo’s Contribution to Ukraine’s Defence

Written by: Marina Tovar

Edited by: Jake Gasson

Supervised by: Syuzanna Kirakosyan

The announcement made by Ejup Maqedonci, Kosovo’s Minister of Defence, during the 20th Meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group on 19 March 2024 is a significant development in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Kosovo’s pledge to provide military aid to Ukraine underscores the country’s political alignment with both the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) and its willingness to join collective efforts in support of Ukraine’s defence. Kosovo has committed to supply two military aid packages, which includes essential resources such as trucks, tactical vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, and mortar artillery shells. This is the first time the country has provided military assistance to Ukraine. Amidst Ukraine’s acute shortage of ammunition, a confluence of factors including the political deadlock in the US Congress and production constraints in Europe have accentuated the severity of this situation. This prompts a closer examination whether Kosovo’s military aid package, though undoubtedly valuable, sufficiently grapples the enormity of Ukraine’s ammunition crisis.