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Understanding Cybercrime: Current threats and responses

Written by Christian Di Menna, Candela Fernández Gil-Delgado, Leandro Pereira Mendes and Milan Storms

Technology is embedded within almost every aspect of our daily lives, from the smartphones in our pockets to our computers, fridges, and door locks. Technology’s exponential growth and its increasing effect upon daily lives shape how we live within a global society and, as expected, this process shows no sign of decreasing. In fact, we now rely on computer systems more than ever, as the Covid-19 outbreak has deeply affected the way people conduct their lives. For instance, digital technologies have been exponentially employed by governments, institutions, and businesses in order to mitigate the impact of social distancing. Notably, however, this technology is a double-edged sword. It makes our lives easier and more connected whilst enabling individuals and organisations to commit crimes remotely, creating new challenges for security professionals to overcome.