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The Future of Biosensors in European Defence

Written by Chonlawit Sirikupt, Gilles Wauters and Theodoros Kaloudiotis.

The continuous evolution of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons (CBRN) demands structural proliferation patterns in the European Defence systems. The recent progress in  sensing instruments have established the facilitating conditions for the integration of biosensors in the civil and defence sectors. This study attempted to provide a genealogical presentation of the biowarfare, discussing how biosensors can have a crucial input in the operational sphere. Analysing the advantages of these powerful and innovative analytical devices, the paper described the potential for improving soldiers’ performance, through minimizing the risks, and improving the cognitive standards of operations in different terrains. Despite the concrete challenges, the inclusion of the biosensor is decisive and thus the analysis provided recommendations that the EU member states could pursue to establish this evolving concept in land operations.