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Future Disruptive Defence Technologies

Written by Elsie Kiarie.

The complexity and uncertainty of contemporary society are influenced by globalisation, which pushes technological innovations to keep up with today’s ambiguity. This aspect of globalisation forces businesses and industries to develop innovative technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the global market. Market competition is the key motivating factor pushing industries to adopt the culture of innovation, so to find better solutions to existing and emerging problems (Lele, 2019 pg. 18,19). The European Union and key NATO allies are considering prioritising disruptive innovation to boost their economy and defence sector through rigorous training for multi-domain operations. Innovation is the process of researching, experimenting and developing original ideas into practical and useful techniques or products. Industries and institutions pull in human and financial resources in support of innovation projects, thus improving and enhancing the processes, products and services offered (Ibid, pg.19). Disruptive innovation radically changes operability and significantly impacts how armed forces operate (Kikiras, 2017).