Battling Moral Injuries

Servicemen and women in land forces around the world often confront a number of duty-related mental, emotional, and physical hardships. War can inflict many different manifestations of ethical and psychological distress, which fall under the umbrella of ‘moral injury’. Moral Injuries (MI) were first discussed in relation to military personnel transgressing moral beliefs and values during war, but it has since expanded to include equivalent emotional experience by healthcare professionals, first responders, rescue workers, and everyone facing similar complex emotions as a result of actions taken or observations made throughout traumatic circumstances. While moral injury and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been seen to share several symptoms, military, soldiers, clinical psychologists, as well as chaplains are concerned about PTSD’s incapability to account for the substance of moral and ethical distress that battlefields may generate. Modern warfare produces new challenges to the personnel. With the advent of new technologies and the use of drones, the author of a particular action does not directly see the consequences of what he/she has done. This may cause different types of moral injuries since the handler will take longer before realising the magnitude of his gesture.

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Arrowhead 140 Design Selected for New Polish Frigates

On March 4, Babcock International’s Arrowhead 140 ship design was announced to be selected to equip the Polish Navy with a new class of frigates. This is further proof that Britain wants to strengthen its industrial ties with Poland. The London-based company announced that it had concluded a series of strategic cooperation partnering agreements with the PGZ-Miecznik consortium, which is responsible for delivering three frigates from shipyards in the Polish port of Gdynia.

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5G: What Opportunities for the European Union?

Although the European Union (EU) has been caught between the United States (US)-China military and economic rivalry over the last decade, it is now starting to find its path, exploiting new technological opportunities arising. In detail, in the past few years, the EU has oriented its efforts towards several emerging technologies, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) and last but not least, 5G. According to the European Commission, “5G provides virtually universal, ultra-high bandwidth, and low latency ‘connectivity’ not only to individual users but also to connected objects”. From the civilian perspective, the fifth-generation wireless technology can be applied to many different sectors, for instance, to connect automated mobility, eHealth and energy management. By accelerating and making connectivity more flexible, this generation will be at the centre of the future digital economy

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The German Breakthrough: €100 BIllion For Military Spending

The outbreak of war in Ukraine has opened a new era in the history of the modern world, particularly in the European landscape. The actions of Russia have led the West to question its means of coping with such aggressive policies.

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