Karl Engelbrektson

President of the Finabel's Executive Committee

For the year 2020-2021 Sweden has taken over the presidency of Finabel. Here are the words of General Karl of the Swedish Army, president of Finabel’s executive committee.

Via a silent procedure, Sweden has taken over the presidency for FINABEL after the Czech Republic as from June 22, 2020. 

Special times calls for special means and this is one example where we have been forced to find alternative ways of reaching our common goals during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. We were all looking forward to meeting with the FINABEL community in Prague earlier this year and maybe there still will be an option later in October. I think we all realise what efforts the Czech Republic has put into the preparations for this meeting and, no matter meeting or not, I would like to express my gratitude for both Lieutenant-General Jaromír Zůna and Major General Josef KOPECKÝ and their team. In the meantime, we all will have to struggle to find ways of sorting our daily business, keeping health both for our selves but also for our soldiers, family and friends. 

This pandemic has again pointed to areas where our European cooperation still can be improved, thus showing us that crises can not be handled by single nations alone. Around the borders of Europe, we experience our rule-based world order to be challenged in conflicting Ukraine as well as in Syria and on several places bordering the Mediterranian sea. We have also seen examples of nations in our close vicinity trying to use this pandemic to splitter our cooperation and solidarity. All this together makes an organization like FINABEL even more important as an arena for us leaders of land forces to meet and have honest and fruitful discussions together. Sweden is honoured to take presidency over FINABEL and our aim is to continue making the organization a relevant and trustworthy party for us all to find synergies, develop new ideas, taking part in think tanks or just benchmarketing for best practice. 

We have given our presidency the theme ”Train as we fight” and hope that this can influence us during this year within a range from food for thoughts as well as interesting articles and speakers on doctrine and tactics across nations, everyday training or how to use sensors and simulators to a new technique in exercises and evaluation.

I wish all of you good health and hope to meet in real life again in the near future. We are planning for a year back to normal with PME/APME meeting in January followed by COS meeting in April. Calling notice will be sent out by the Finabel’s Permanent Secretariat.

Best regards,

Karl L E Engelbrektson

President of the Finabel’s Executive Committee